These Writs are for those with a National Mindset and Consciousness.  They are made available for Study, Review and Application.  Proper use comes with understanding, overstanding, and the innate power of such understanding and overstanding, which means you "got it", and you are not wrongfully thinking that paper-work defines you, or who you are; it is a brief regarding you, who you are, and defines your position regarding a matter. 


     Being aware that there may be some who attempt to utilize these Writs, without the understanding, thus may find "they don't seem to work", as only they will, if you "wear them with honor", and are able to stand on them squarely, upon any challenge.  You must know in your heart what is being stated, as you are stating it, and you will be challenged spiritually as well.  Words have power, and assist in creating your reality. 


     The Greater Truth is that there ought to be (more) Organizations, and Aboriginal Law Associations that exercise the "Protocols Of Liberty".  The only true Lawyer, is one who upholds the true and Supreme Law, which is the Constitution.  Thus, one may say they are a Constitutional Lawyer, of which, there essentially is no such thing because the Rule of Law is derived from the Constitution and is universal.  All Law and all authority is derived from the Constitution.  All Judges, and Officers of the Court take an Oath to uphold it and derive their Authority from it.  The Constitution does not list the unalienable birth rights that you are born with, it preserves, protects and secures them.  Governments are in place for the sole reason of protecting and preserving the rights of the people.  Thus, a Lawyer is a "Law-Man" or Lay man.  Things are considered simplified when one says in lay man terms....", meaning in law-man terms.  The Law resides with and within you, as you are the Law.  A good question to ask yourself is what is an Attorney-at-Law?  It is just what it states, one who is practicing Law, but is not the Law.  Law is common to all, and there is no license to practice law, or to exercise your Rights.  Thus there is no such thing as a Licensed Attorney.  The definition of one who is 'in propria persona' (proper person / natural person), brings forth the truth regarding Attorneys as follows:


In Propria Persona: In one’s own proper person. It was formerly a rule in pleading that pleas to the jurisdiction of the court must be plead in propria persona, because if pleaded by an Attorney they admit the jurisdiction, as an Attorney is an Officer of the Court, and he is presumed to plead after having obtained Leave, which admits the jurisdiction.

     And there you have it.  An Attorney is a Bounty Hunter with a suit and tie on.  He brings you before the Court and Leaves you there.  Thus the Court has Leave (another way of saying they have jurisdiction over you).  An Attorney is an Officer of the Court, thus his obligation is to the Court,  The problem is that the Court he is obligated to is a defacto court, a colorable court, operating in Collusion, and in colorable of law.  This is why you cannot utilize an Attorney.  He or she possesses a Bar Association Card, which is a membership card --not a license, as a license to practice law does not exist.  Utilizing an Attorney admits you to their Jurisdiction, and the entire point is that these inferior Courts, Municipal courts, Administrative Courts, and Officers of such Courts, Administrations, Agencies, etc. are operating under Color-of-Law, even though they have taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution.  Clearly they have created a colorable jursidiction, as they have no Jurisdiction over the Natural Person.  Colorable persons or fictitious persons would fall up under their colorable jurisdiction.  This is why it is so very important to Declare your Natural Satus.  Their authority is over those who are in their Jurisdiction, who subscribe to them, i.e.. Union States (U.S.) Citizens, corporations, those who are labeled Indian, NEgroe, Colroed, Black, etc.  Thus it is necessary for you to Declare that you are not a corporate person, nor are you a member of the Union States Society.  This is done through the universal process of Nationalization.  First you must be a National, then you can Nationalize or do Inter national trade, etc. and claim your inheritance, your lost estate.  Declaring your Nationality indicates your natural status and links you back to the human family and the Family of Nations.  


    There is a need for people to understand the "Rudder and The Sextant", which is an explanation of the operations or navigation of protocols and governing principles, just as the "Great Seal Association" is.  These principles must be activated as a group Association.  Dues can be taken, particularly for a "Defense Fund", for anyone who needs to have legal work performed, i.e., they have been kidnapped, and one (a National) on the outside can speak for them as a friend of hte Court.  Now this doesn't mean they are actually a friend of such colorable Courts.  This means they are a friend of Law and Due Process of Law.   They can speak for another, however they can never represent another.  They can enter documents into the Court and make Lawful Demands to the Court, on their behalf.  That activity is what Nationhood is.   


      Writing is "spelling", casting spells, as has been executed upon the masses for domination and control.  (save the physical force), which is cloaked behind the act of making offers in writing to coerce you towards making a commitment that you don't have to make.  This makes the intent of domination easier.  Failing to respond in Law indicates that things stand, because there is no rebuttal, no response.  This is why often you are given 10 days, or so, to respond.  


     The offers that are made to you do not have to be accepted by you.  However, you must respond to those offers in writing.  Although the written documents you receive, or that are placed before you to sign, may be written with an air of authority, it does not mean that the agency, association, etc., who wrote them to you, is the authority, or holds any authority over you.  One must prove such authority to you.  Upon that proper request for them to prove their authority, you will find the authority they appear to have, does not exist! 


     Writs are a matter of Lawful correspondence.  In fact always head everything as an "Affidavit" -- not a "Motion".  A Motion gives them the option to refuse it, as it is in most corporate or social membership meetings, a Motion needs to be seconded, and if not, it does not stand.  You must respond and correspond in Law, in writing with Affidavits, as in an "Affidavit of Fact", then choose your subheading as it relates to the matter you are dealing with, i.e. "Demand For Dismissal", "Summary Judgement", "Cause Of Action", "Right Of Action", "Judicial Notice', "Writ In Nature Of Discovery", (Bill Of Particulars), Name Reclamation", etc.


     A Ticket / Summons is a Suit against you, you must counter it Lawfully.  Although it has been presented unlawfully, because the person who suis you cannot serve you too.  By doing both, they are acting unlawfully, or acting under the Color-Of-Law.  Often, particularly regarding traffic, Officers are acting as "Collection Agents, for other agencies, and are taking action against you for a supposed debt, or "failure to pay" a contract (that doesn't lawfully exist), usually a surcharge, which in itself is an unlawful impost.  


     There is Law (proper), and there is "Color-of-Law, a semblance of that which is real--yet is not.  This they practice daily upon the masses.  There is a  Corporate Person, (a corporation), and there is a Natural Person (You).  A Natural Person can be injured, and when injured, remedy exist.  In fact ,unless there is an injured party, there is no violation before the court for you to seek remedy for.  A fictitious person cannot be injured.  There are two different "Persons" at Law, and you must know the difference and know which one you are.  A Corporation is a "Person", (Corporate Person), and then you are a Person (Natural Person).  In Law there is "Civil Liter Mortus" meaning "dead in the eyes of the Law", and there is "In Full Life"  thus one has Rights, which are preserved in Law (Constitution).   Start to utilize the Constitution for your preservation of Rights and your immunities.  Get a law dictionary to look up these terms.  You must be conscious of the fact that you are a Natural Person by Nature, not a branded or labeled Person, such as Negro, Colored, Black, African-American (which is an identification of two continents), and is a Corporate or fictitious Person.  These brands and labels that you may claim, if that is what you are claiming, are not a part of the human family, thus have no Rights to be preserved for them or for their posterity. 

     Your acceptance of assumed authority and policies, as Law, when they are NOT Law, makes them stand, at least for as long as you do not rebut them, and continue to make contracts or agreements regarding them.  They don't stand just because the agency, corporations, association, etc. says so --they stand because you say so, by not rebutting, or responding.  Therfore you become a party to them, a party to the fraud.  If there is no response from you, it means things stand as they have stated, assumed, or coerced and put in writing (spelled).  Usually you then sign whatever they have put in writing, therefore, again, you are a party to the fraud.  When you do sign something, it is usually under Threat, Duress and coercion (T.D.C.), indicate that with your signature and at the very least put "all rights reserved", so that you can manage your way out of it by the fact that you were under threaten, duress and coercion, and your rights were being violated by force. 


     You and I, are not intended to violate anyones policies, however, we are not going to allow anyone's policies to violate our Rights.  This is upheld in the Constitution for the United States, Article VI.  They can make statutes, policies, and ordinances all day long, however if those statutes, policies and ordinances violate the Laws of the Constitution, they are not with standing (unless you agree they are).


    So state your position in writing, and caste your "spells" well.  Know that all contracts are an offer that you may refuse, counter, deny, or accept, however it must be done in writing -- "The Writ" -- the Spell-ing.

Motions vs. Affidavits

.It is ultra important to understand that you must head everything you submit in writing with "Affidavit of Fact", because they can, and they do deny a "Motion", as motions are discretionary and applicable to colorable courts, ordinances, statutes and codes, but not to LAW.  Further it applies to corporate, or colorable people (negroes, coloreds, blacks,etc.). 

Note:  As in a meeting, a motion requires a second and can be denied without even being looked at, as these lower courts often do.  An Affidavit of fact cannot lawfully be denied, and must be visited and either answered or rebutted, otherwise it stands as Truth, or, if it requires an answer by the court, it creates an injunction, and the court cannot lawfully move forward until answered.

. The utilization of "Affidavit" MUST BE THE ONLY FORM OF COMMUNICATION with the Court by a Sovereign or any person acting in a Lawful manner. 

NOTE: NOTE: NOTE:  Although a Motion is the proper form in a proper Court, as opposed to Colorable Courts, most people are in fact dealing with and challenging the Jurisdiction of the Inferior Courts, or COLORABLE Courts, who are NOT acting Lawfully or properly, and because a Motion ADMITS to the Jurisdiction of the Court, and a Motion is DISCRETIONARY, the Court chooses not to honor the Motion, or not to Second it, thus it is DENIED.  .

One must become sufficient enough in Law, and can, and does, come into the Court with their flags, and fully know they are Amicus Curae (a friend of the Court), and are able to set the Court and the proceedings in order, within the bounds of Law, by their knowledge and their very being there, or Special Appearance (meaning not there to be adjudicated upon, but only to clear up a matter(s)), Then they have reached the goal for all Nationals, as they ARE THE LAW!  They are truly Law Abiding.  The point is to know "What Law Is and What Law Is Not".

Judicial Notice & Proclamation

Name Declaration, Correction & Publication


In General, a Writ of Discovery is for the purpose of you asking and obtaining information that they claim they have against you, so you can lawfully prepare a Case for your Defense.  (However, in most of these colorable courts, there is no lawful Case and you are not a Defendant, but an Alleged Defendant).  The Writ of Discovery ask for information and gives a time frame for them to answer.  Their failure to answer is an automatic Default, as well it deprives you of the ability to defend yourself against their allegations.  (Once there is a Default, you must put in a Notice of Default).  More and more we recognize that we are to ENFORCE THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!, and not allow anyone to violate it against us, as it preserves our Rights of Due Process of Law.

General Writ Of Discovery

Foreclosure Writ Of Discovery

Building Permit

Most of these writs are written by, and compliments of, Sister Anaid El and Brother Taj Tarik Bey as co-editors (unless otherwise noted).

Affidavit of Financial Statement

This Writ is to be used whenever you are requested to submit finances for court filings.  Courts attempt to hinder your judicial consitutional rights by requiring a filing fee.  However this hinders your due process of law.  The Constitution states  ALL debts must be paid with gold or silver.  Filing "In Forma Pauperis" affirms you have no gold or silver in which to pay, and thus relieves these restricting demands and ensures your contstituional rights to due process.

Affidavit of Financial Statement (In Forma Pauperis)


The following Writs are an  Answer to the Courts, who have denied your "Informa Pauperis.  There are two Writs:  a  "Writ Of Error" to the Disrict Court who insists on calling your "Affidavit" a "Motion", which is "Tampering With Evidence".    The Second Writ is a "Writ In the Nature of Discovery" requesting them to produce their Delegation of Authority higher than the Supreme Law.  Of course, they cannot ever produce it, because there is no authority higher than the Supreme Law, and that is where their authority is derived.  It becomes clear that they are violating the Law, and their limited authority (Amendment IX).  They are acting or performing under "Color-Of-Law", which is a semblance of that which is real.  It is up to You (the People) to ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION against anyone who violates it against you.

Writ Of Error Regarding Denial Of In Forma Pauperis

Writ Of Discovery Regarding Denial Of In Forma Pauperis

Records Correction

Regarding E-Verify

This Writ can be used for the following purposes: 

.1.  If you have made a name correction at your place of employment, but have not made the correction at the social security, because you do not wish to utilize social security.  The Writ notifies terminatin of your social security.  

.2.  E-Verify:  If you receive a letter from social security indicating a name mis-match, this letter may also come through your employer.  You need to notify social security with the information contained within this Writ, and send a copy to your employer for the record.  It is already established that one does not have to utilize social security to work on a job.  It is also established by law that social security is not an identification.  Therefore to force anyone to use it, is a violation of their constitutionally secured rights, a violation of law, and is discrimination.

Response To Social Security/E-Verify

Demand for Default Judgment

This Writ is utilized to demand a default judgment if the court has not responded in a set amount of time.   When you submit any "Affidavit of Fact"  it is important to give a time frame for them to respond (just as they do to you).  They must visit the document and show cause and proof of their rebuttal (if any), as an Affidavit of Fact stands as truth unless proven otherwise.   If it is a questionnaire, such as "Bill Of Particulars, or Writ In The Nature Of Discovery", etc., they must answer it by the amount of time, you have set.  If they fail to respond in that set time, which is usually 10, 20, 30 days, reasonably, they have defaulted.  You must follow up with a "Demand For Default Judgment". 

Demand For Default Judgment

Enforcing The Law -- Notice To Higher CourtThis Writ is used to command the higher court's enforcement of the lower Court to adhere to the Law.  Therefore this is a Writ Of Mandamus.  Therefore be sure to send a copy to the Higher Court, to the State Attorney's Office and the Secretary Of State.  Remember that your Writs are evidence as paper trail of any violations imposed upon you.  It is important to send the proper responses regardless to what the lower says, as it is important that you correspond your position at all times.  The example below is in regard to the lower court refusing to acknowledge the Default Judgment.

Writ Of Mandamus



Employers take with-holdings, referred to as "income taxes" from your payroll check.  It is important for you to know that your Salary, or labor compensation is NOT INCOME.  Income is PROFITS from a Capitol investment.  Many agree that their labor compensation or Salary is Income by signing W-2’s and W-4’s.  Thus they contract through the With-Holding Agent (employer), with the IRS (a private corporation).

You are contracting with the IRS, via your Employer, and giving them the authority to continue taking finances from you.   To pay, or not pay these taxes is voluntary, therefore it is YOUR decision.  When you violate the contract you made by not terminating it properly, the IRS threatens to take you to TAX COURT, of which there is no such thing as Tax Court.  It is usually an administrative hearing, held in some room or office.  Thus, in actuality they are taking you to “court” for breach of contract. 

Below Is A Letter Submitted To a Payroll Department, after they were supplied with the W4T form (termination form), and were given a  Certification Of Exemption (non-obligatory) from Federal With-Holdings.  The payroll department, who by the way has no judicial power, nor do they have the authority to make decisions regarding your personal financial affairs, will often respond asking if the forms you sent in to Cease With-Holdings were Genuine IRS Forms.  These are a matter of "pattern and practice" for them and are intimidation tactics that are with-no-standing lawfully.  The following response has been utilized, and can be utilized by you, compliments of Auset and Ausar, as they have already demonstrated successfully.

Regarding Validity of Termination Forms

Almost undoutbtedly, you willl get resistance from your fellow work mates, even the one who is in charge of making adjustments to your pay check.  Don't take it personally, they are often following through with their limited instructions, and sometimes there exist a bit of jealousy, as to why YOU don't have to pay taxes, and they do.  Their capacity is limited and they are not used to the request, and the employer gets tax kick-backs, as well as interest quarterly on the finances collected from your pay check. (that may not be brought out, admitted, or even discussed, and it doesn't have to be).   This is not a fight with your employer.  These are YOUR financial affairs, not theirs.  You have not asked them to be your personal financial advisor, only to make a change regarding your finances, of which they have no real authority to refuse your personal request.  Upon asking them to provide a delegation of authoirty, you will see that this is true.  They cannot provide it, becuase they don't have it.  They may talk about policies, however you are talking about Law, of which they are obligated not to break the law.  Do not engage using email correspondence.  Be sure to utilize the mail, certified return receipt requested.  Also be sure to send a carbon copy to whoever is over the department, over the person who has the title to handle your request, and be sure to request in writing, a copy of your correspondence to be placed into your employee file.  .

To Employer Regarding Validity Of Termination Forms