The Way of Truth Assembly, is here to unveil the hands and agenda of the hierarchy that operate from behind the curtains upon this third dimension, who have suppressed humanity's ability from evolving and activating their genetic potential to access higher realms. As the energies in the Universe change, we seek to aide humanity into slowly ascending to higher vibrational frequency levels, to cause their awareness as spiritual beings to increase, as well as their understanding. We are here to help restore back their sense of self worth and self sovereignty, and to release them from the fences of societal and religious parameters, that are designed to administer synthetic chemicals and toxic mind manipulation doctrine, that alters their DNA, and keeps low the vibration of their bio magnetic sheath (aura).

The people upon this dimension have the divine right to express their deep creative potential, and to know who they are without external verification, and to operate in the newness of life full of beautiful energy that is of a high spiritual quality of love and light. So as Primes of The Way of Truth Assembly, we are here to help enhance and cultivate their awareness to a heightened sense, that links them back to the higher spiritual dimensions, that they have been calcified from reaching, to know their soul purpose. We aim to continue shifting the consciousness of humanity on a global scale, and shall continue teaching them to own their own power and to respect themselves, and to value their creative and spiritual selves, and to place not so much value and care upon the material things of this dimension. The mighty illusions of darkness and falsehoods, shall continue to be revealed as we plant seeds of hope and light and love, into the mass consciousness of dreams, to be manifested by those upon this earth, into realities, shalom.