Introduction To Driver License Fraud

This page is an Ancillary, presented to the reader to assure a consciousness of the 'Supreme' and 'Established Law' of the Land. We trust that its limited dispensations will assist and educate the Natural People on issues about Substantive Rights, Birthrights, and about the Natural Peoples’ “Rights Of Travel” upon the public roadways and highways, absent of the commonly practiced 'racketeering acts' committed against them by corrupt members and employees of townships, cities, boroughs, and municipalities.  To further assist the enforcement of the Constitution, we cite some commonly known Supreme Court Case Decisions and Rulings, which  have already been established as the “Rule Of Law”, being the Supreme Law of the Land.  For reference see (“Do You Know Your Rights” on the Open Reading Page). Research Ministerial Courts acting (fraudulently) as Judicial (Article III); also research "Perjury of Oath".

Driver License Fraud

The 'Highest Court' in the Land (possessing Original Jurisdiction) has ruled that "No State can make any laws or rules that abrogate the Peoples’ Rights or the Supreme Law of the Land".  However, due to extreme levels of debauchery, misprision and fraud permeating all levels of government, by dishonest politicians,  judges, and prosecutors, the Natural People have been consistently robbed and suffer the destructive results of abuse of authority.  Criminals wearing black robes, and faking as Article III judges, have created and acted as auctioneers, administering a system of deception that has led many unsuspecting Natural People into “believing” that they (the accused) have violated the Law, when in fact they have not.  The theives and criminal officers of municipals courts all over the land, have converted Rights, secured and reserved for the People, into crimes. Thereafter, fining and jailing them, under a 'Color of Law' and a 'Color of Authority'.  Color means, "A an appearance, a semblence, or simulacrum, as distingquished from that which is real".  Color, Fake, Immitation, Misrepresentation, and Fraud are synonyms.

Driver License Fraud 2

Concerning the social position of the Natural People, in their relationships with others:  “Due care” is an important issue, and involves having and maintaining a keen sense of responsibility to recognize the rights of others. This is the social duty of all citizens and Natural People, when interacting publicly and with others.  A lack of preserving civil responsibilities, or a blatant neglect of civilized principles (morals and ethics) would be detrimental to all.  A fundamental knowledge of the 'de jure' Law of the Land, (Constitution / Treaties) which preserves and secures the Rights of all Natural Beings and citizens, is a common social obligation, relegated to all members of a society.  Ignorance, greed, colonialism, and the construction of fraudulent adhesion contracting (legal frauds) have caused many to divulge themselves as being far less than honorable, and reveals their true deceptive tendencies and will to violate the basic moral and ethical principles of civilization.  Unkind actions and anti-constitutional legislation, created by the 'unclean hands' of ill-trusted corporate administrators, have proven highly destructive to the 'Unalienable Rights' of the Natural People.  Unalienable Rights are Rights which are not 'Alienable. This means that such Rights cannot be transferred or sold to another, etc.

Political thieves (usually descendants of European Colonists operating upon the American Continents) have, by outright criminality, taken unlawful leave and advantages of the usurped seats of government, and have polluted the sanctity of their Official Oaths to uphold the Constitution and Treaties and are unlawfully violating the Natural People.  Consequently, much of the ignorance (plaguing and stagnating the Natural People) has more to do with deliberate misguidance, misprision, falsehoods, and miseducation. This is due to a designed lack of knowledge, deviously promoted and controlled by these same miscreants.  Pseudo-government operatives, (administrative) have knowingly, and with forethought, often substituted themselves for true (Article III judicial) sanctioned authorities. Organized criminal controlers of these misrepresented seats or offices of authority, have made and generated incalculable amounts of finance for unchecked municipal racketeers.  .    

Racketeering is a law term that applies to an organized conspiracy to commit the crimes of extortion or coercion, or attempts to commit extortion or coercion. Racketeering is the obtaining of money or property from another, without his consent, induced by the wrongful use of force or fear. The fear which constitutes the legally nescessary element in extortion is induced by oral or written threats to do an unlawful injury to the property of the treatened person by means of explosives, fire, or otherwise; or to kill, kidnap, or injure him or her, or a relative of his or her family, etc.      .    

"Purgery - of - Oath" perpetrators - being the unsanctioned administrators ministers of cities, towns, boroughs - inclusive of their contracted Municipal Court officers, have usurped judicial powers (for their own private benefit). Many have suffered beuroghcratic forced - servitude by their unlawful acts; as they have used jurisdictional powers (not delegated to them) to incarcerate people, and to colorably put people at risk; placing them into perpetual patterns of legal (yet not lawful) compromission; and bringing about losses of property, losses of finances, and constant abrogation of their Unalienable Rights and Substantive Rights.  Poverty and theft by design, incorporating jail, as an industry, has been used to State agents and agencies to impose coercive extorcion - initiated by "lack - of - due - process Pleas" made before unlawful private corporate tribunals.  Most of these being misrepresented as legitimate courts.  This politically—protected criminality has hindered many Natural People from enjoying or exercising Rights secured by the Constitution / Treaty and the Bill of Rights.  Criminals in government have thus, imposed feudal fees upon the people, converting rights into crimes, and hindering them from traveling, etc.  .

     When the Natural People (Heirs Apparent) have, possess, or gain a clear understanding and knowledge of how they have been robbed and exploited by these foreign, unworthy adulterers of the Law, they can, and will, begin such necessary (anti-racketeering) actions and studies as needed to remedy their injuries and begin to turn around the conspiratorial extortions and foul acts of arbitrary commited on a daily basis.  It must be clearly understood by all that the States' "drivers license instruments" are a 'Corporate Use Tax” relegated to foreign corporate privileges, and are 'Customs Payments' made to the alleged 'Sovereign', and deemed for commercial usage and privilege.  When Natural Persons are operating their own private vehicles, conveyances, automobiles, or vessels, unless they are corporately carrying passengers for hire, they are not “driving”; they are “traveling”. Driving pertains to commercial activities. Traveling the public roadways and highways are natural and Substantive Rights; having nothing to do with privleges.  This clear distinction between the words, driving and traveling may seem to be trivial to some readers, however, that specificity has caused many to lose a substantial amount of freedoms and finance.  For many poor families, this disingenuousness has manifested into politically instigated and targeted economic states of “Depression”..

Below is an example and explanation about the misuse of administrative and ministerial powers.  These facts and concepts may help one to understand how to get out from under the foul yoke of being robbed by agencies and persons who have been, and are, using extortion tactics, guised under the misrepresented Surcharges. .

Suspended Driving Instrument

Due To Failure To Pay Surcharge

  If you (the Natural Person)are operating with the States' imposed driving instrument, and had a "Surcharge” imposed upon you, know that the contract - instrument is essentially a surcharge for “being stopped” from exercising a right.  It is important for one to know that such an imposed ‘Surcharge’ is an unlawful and unauthorized ‘Impost’.  Imposts are taxes, levies, or duties imposed upon foreign nations or corporations.  Surcharges are compound or secondary fees or fines, levied against one for ‘Driving’ and are typically spread over monthly extortion - payments for a few years or so.  The ministerially - adjudicated ‘Surcharges’ are usually paid (under threat of warrant or arrest) to a different entity, person, and address other than the State-contracted Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Such acts are actually active and constructive fraud, and are no more than collusive acts of (Conspiracy).  If the Natural Person or citizen fails to pay the ‘Surcharges’ (ransoms) in the time or manner they (employees of the Agencies / Municipalities) have set, or imposed, they then notify the DMV to suspend the States’ imposed license, which is rented annually for a fee. Such an action instituted against anyone, must be relegated to (conspiracy to extort). 


     The Corporate Municipal Agents also notify the local courts, police officers, townships, cities, court systems, etc., to take unwarranted legal—process actions against you (the accused violator).  The usurping State, (through its hired thieves) thusly uses “color-of Law” and “Color of Authority” to hinder you (the Natural People and Citizens) from traveling the public roadways and highways. This deduces the use of the driver’s license to an instrument used to effectuate and veil organized theft and extortion. The thieves then conspire to systematically serve you (the alleged violator) with new Tickets / Suits / Bills of Exchange / Summons, to appear or pay, or both. The colluders often threaten to, again, suspend the States’ License and may also impose possible jail time.  All of these administrative acts are unlawful.  As an example:



What is a Surcharge?  

A ‘Surcharge’ is a bill that has been filed to open a claim, an exaction, an impost, or an encumbrance, beyond that which is just and right; or beyond one’s authority or power.,

     If a ’Surcharge’ is beyond what is just or right, and is done without authority, doesn’t such an act constitute racketeering and other criminal actions of fraud?  One must always question Jurisdiction and consider (by way of Constitutional principles) who created these ’Surcharge’ Bills, and who opened these files?  Furthermore,  where was or is your copy of the Bill?  According to the rule of Discovery, you are lawfully supposed to also have been presented with an original copy of the same! If a copy of the document / instrument (Bill) cannot be produced by the prosecutor / accusers / claimants, with  your signature, then such a Bill is a fraud, unlawful, and un-actionable.  Thus, such acts are a “Nullity”.  A ’Nullity or Nully’ is a term in law, which essentially regards and refers to an unlawful administrative court officer’s decision or action as being ’Nothing in Law” or “Void of Law.  Nullies are often attached to unconstitutional decisions made by officials acting under ’colorable’ processes.  As an aside, and addition to these facts, such agencies cannot make ‘Judicial Decisions’ - they do not possess the authority. Such powerful Article III jurisdictional authority is not in their capacity, and such unsanctioned courts and Judges cannot violate the laws of the Constitution, by which they are bound to support and uphold by Official Oaths. (See Article VI of the Constitution and Oath of Ethics).  Administrative Judges or Ministerial Officers (traffic court judges) do not have, or possess, the authoritative or lawful power at all to make judicial decisions.  They are ministerial in status and character.  Thus, they are incompetent, and are knowingly violating the established Law of the Land!.

  • "Ministerial officers are incompetent to receive grants of judicial power from the legislature, their acts in attempting to exercise such powers are necessarily nullities."  Burns v. Sup., Ct., SF, 140 Cal. 1.
  • "A judge ceases to sit as a judicial officer because the governing principle of administrative law provides that courts are prohibited from substituting their evidence, testimony, record, arguments, and rationale for that of the agency.  Additionally, courts are prohibited from substituting their judgment for that of the agency. Courts in administrative issues are prohibited from even listening to or hearing arguments, presentation, or rational." ASIS v. US, 568 F2d 284.

    ·         The State is prohibited from violating substantive rights. Owens v. City, 445 US 662 (1980); and it can not do by one power (eg. Police power) that which   is, for example, prohibited expressly to any other such power (eg. Taxation / Eminent Domain) as a matter of law. US and UT v. Daniels, 22 p 159, nor indirectly that which is prohibited to it directly. Fairbanks v. US 181, US 283, 294, 300:

 .·         Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation, which would abrogate them. Miranda v. Arizona 384 US 436, 125:


·         State courts, like federal courts, have a “constitutional obligation” to safeguard personal liberties and to uphold federal law. Stone v. Powell 428 US 465, 96 S. Ct. 3037, 49 L. Ed. 2d 1067.


·         The obligation of state courts to give full effect to federal law is the same as that of federal courts. New York v. Eno. 155 US 89, 15 S. Ct. 30, 39 L. Ed. 80.


·         An administrative agency may not finally decide the limits of its statutory powers; this is a judicial function. Social Security Board v. Nierotko. 327 US 358, 66 S. Ct. 637, 162 ALR 1445, 90 L. Ed. 719. ,

Lex semper dabit remedium”  = “The Law will always give a remedy.” .

     The reader is, at this juncture of this treatise, presented with the responsibility to use 'reason' and to make clear distinctions between that foul, colorable body of fraud—based legislation and policies (which are not law), and that of the 'rightful' Supreme Law of the Land (Constitution and Treaties). .     Another example of fraud is that the perpetrators of the Surcharge Division may say that you owe them finance.  Do you have a contract with them? Did they loan you anything? There exists no lawful, willful instrument, bearing your signature to such a contract — law—violating agreement.  If you (the accused) ever ask the agent(s) / representative(s) / accuser(s) to provide such required contractual or documented evidence, they will not; they do not, and they cannot. They are criminals, and are loath to produce self-incriminating evidence against their own self-serving corruption and proof of their ‘Perjury of Oaths’.  If the case or action, initiated by them, is based upon those instruments, then they must (by due—process of law) provide it or them.  Otherwise, there is no lawful claim or case before the Court.  Even if you (the accused) did allegedly owe them, or anyone else, finance, their acts of notifying other private-law systems, or making contracts with other agencies, (and signing on your behalf) to collect such alleged debts, is tantamount to extortion and identity theft.  When they, through their agency, contractors,  or agencies, notifies local, regional, and state, court systems and court officers, (speaking for them) to take an ‘Action’ against you for failure to pay them, then they are committing conspiratorial extortion.  All parties involved are then acting as a collection agency.  This includes the police officer(s) or policy enforcer(s), who stopped you in the first place or instance.  The initiating agent (policeman) is acting in the capacity of a collection agent for the private corporate businesses (insurance companies, et al). Thus, the policemen is an active partner or part of the Conspiracy.  According to the Codes of Law for the United States of North America, all officers and officials are responsible for any acts committed under ‘Color’ whether he or she knows it or not; and whether he or she is doing what he or she is told by superiors or others, to do or to initiate an unwarranted or colorable act!  .


An example of Conspiracy, corruption, and “Perjury of Oath” becomes obvious when one reads the following Law Enforcement "Code Of Ethics", which all Law Officers must take.  .



After reading the Oath Of Ethics, let us examine another area of Fraud:  The State Motor Vehicle Agency (DMV), repeatedly and unlawfully acts in the above-stated capacity as well.  Their officers, contractors, and employees often, and regularly, receive ‘Notices’ from the other ‘Surcharge Divisions’ to adjudicate actions geared to suspend the state’s license instrument for failure to pay them their prescribed amount of (extortion) payments, whereas they have (by color) converted the Constitutional and Treaty—secured Rights of the Natural People into crimes, in order to raise revenues.  The DMV then arbitrarily suspends your rights-converting license (which is conspiratorial extortion).  This promotes  threats of arrest, incarceration, and the like.  This is especially evident because the DMV also charges you a ransom fee to re-instate the fraud-based license, which they, themselves, have imposed upon the Natural People.  The Constitution Principles and Obligations, which bind all judges, legislators, representatives, and other judicial officers of the courts, (superior and inferior) do not change or alter their obligations. 

.The ‘Surcharge Division’ is sanctioned by the Courts to act on their behalf.  The judge even knows all about them and how they work (which proves collusion because he is not supposed to uphold them, they are the ones who supposedly have a claim against you.  His actions and degree of knowledge involving this company proves conflict of interst as well, and most important, they (the accuser against you), the Surcharge or DMV Agency, is not even in the court room to substantiate their claim against you.  --This is unlawful. 

.The Mailing Locations:  The accused (you) are given the alleged address of the Surcharge Division as the recipient of fees and imposts that you must pay.  Then the Department of Motor Vehicles commands and threatens you to send finances or fees to them, which is another party, with a different address. (conspiratorial extortion).  We haven't added the courts and the court fees, etc., they are in on the extortion as well, pretending that they are executing law.   Ignornance of the law is no excuse, and in this case the one who suffers from that knowledge is YOU.  This is why we are sharing this information to assist, and to enforce the Constitutional principles that protect the people, as in enforcing it, no one will be molested, and their rights will not be turned into a crime.   (Note:  Turning rights into a crime is a big money maker for them, and let's face it for some of our own, because as long as we continue to sell the birthright by selling it on paper, we are committing a crime, "Slave trade"). 

. Keep in mind that the word, ‘Fee’ is relative to Feudal Law, and Feudal Law is the ‘opposite’ of Allodial.  Such an act is repulsive to Constitutional Principles.  The Surcharge Division or agency is different and separate from the Department of Motor Vehicles, (proving conspiracy to extort and, will and intent).  The State of New Jersey is an artificial ‘Person’ or ‘Entity' (as is any corporate state) created on paper by legal process, and should always be referred to as such. .

(Note:  The State of New Jersey, Incorporated, changed the name of their Motor Vehicle Agency from New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), not to be confused with (MVS), which is their Surcharge Division.  In the State of New York, the “Surcharge Agency” is referred to, or called, ‘The Ticket Violations Bureau’.)  

.So what is Conspiracy?

,Conspiracy:  Is a combination or an agreement made or initiated between two or more persons, for accomplishing an unlawful end or a lawful end by way of unlawful means.  .The essence of “conspiracy: is an agreement, together with an overt act, to do an unlawful act, or to do a lawful act in an unlawful manner.  Actors may drop out, and others may drop in; the details may change from time to time; and the members need not know each other or the part played by others; a member need not know all the details of the plan or the operations; he must, however, know the purpose of the conspiracy and agree to become a party to a plan to effectuate that purpose. 

Further, conspiracy is a consultation or agreement between two or more persons either falsely to accuse another of a crime punishable by law; or wrongfully to injure or prejudice a third person or any body of men, in any manner; or to commit any offense punishable by law; or to do any act with intent to prevent the course of justice; or to effect a legal purpose with a corrupt intent, or by improper means.

Another example of the practiced fraud is when the officers or agents initiate and or go into the publicly—funded court rooms, using the courts to enforce “Color of Law”.  They will insistently start telling you (the accused) how much you are going to pay them for the so-called listed infractions and violations.  They (the judges, prosecutors and other court officers) try to roll right over you, while, in the same instance, violating the ‘due - process’ restrictions placed upon them by law.  You (the accused) must be aware that they (the judges, prosecutors, policemen, etc.) are knowingly ignoring, violating, and trampling over established ‘due process’ obligations and ‘Stare Decisis’, secured for the natural People and citizens, by law.  See Amendments IV, V, Vi, VII, VIII, IX, and X, etc.  Don't let their corruption go on unchallenged or un-rebutted.  Do not be afraid of the alleged "trial", as the transcripts (containing your proper questioning and statements) at the pseudo-trial would expose them and their criminality to others and to the Supreme Court (Original Jurisdiction). 

.Transcripts and documented records related to the process will (in future examinations) expose your lawful position, vs. their unlawful practices. These facts have been, and are, usually suppressed by them (the officers of the fraud-based courts). They do not want that information exposed to the public or to a higher court, by way of Mandamus.  If you (the accused) think you are going to a legitimate trial, as the conspiring officers have implied, and threatened you with, then consider this:  Pre-produce 12 copies of the documents and records for the (alleged) jury of your own national peers.  Demand that you preserve your rights to participate in the selection of the jury, with your Moorish Consul present (Ministers / Grand Sheiks, etc.).  They have the authoritative right to be a part of the due—process rights preserved for them to select, screen, question, and critique the alleged jury of your peers.

.One clear and pertinent question already looms over the process—Who are the people that the officers of the court are alleging to be your peers? Are they truly Aboriginal Americans, or are these persons actually colonial imposters and foreigners posing (fraudulently) as Americans (Al Moroccans)?  The plot begins to thicken, doesn’t it?!  Review the laws of evidence as expressed in the legal definition of ‘Identity’.

 Another dirty trick, initiated by corporate thieves in seats of municipal governments is when they ask you:  “Do you waive your Right to Counsel?”  Do not fall for this deception.  You may possibly assume that your are denying their court-appointed attorney.  When in reality, if you agree to “waive your right to counsel”, you have done just that—waived your right.  This is why they will not let any other person be your consul when you ‘present’ yourself “In Propria Persona”.  Do not transfer or waive any rights, or give (leave) to any 'colorable' persons or entities present or not present in the 'Administrative Court'. 

This deceptive offer, is designed to gain jurisdictional authority by oral agreement.  It is a jurisdictional contract offer, given under coercion and imposed duress.   Never waive your right to counsel (rightfully, Consul), and in fact, state for the record, your name and Nationality, and state that you do not, did not, and do not intend to ever waive any of your secured rights to due process.

The valid venue of proper jurisdiction must be secured by the Officers of the Court, upon your demand. 

As per the Constitution, you have a pre-existing Right to Consul.  Do not allow the judge or prosecutor (both being officers of the Barrister’s Association), solicit from the bench, sales and offers from that conflict of interest, private club.  Do not allow these ‘colored’ persons decide who will be your consul / counsel.  They are already operating in a verifiable state of “conflict of Interest”. Do not let or trust them to tell you the truth about their obligations, or to inform you that you have to have someone who is (allegedly) licensed to ‘practice’ law. The Congress does not, and the Constitution does not, license lawyers; because there is no such thing as a license to practice law.  The law (Constitution) is common to every free national being.  There is no  political or religious test or requirement to have a ‘license’ in order to exercise, enjoy, or to command the enforcement of the law (Constitution, Bill of Rights and Treaties).  Do not believe me - ask these administrative accusers to show you documented proof by Exhibit, their license to practice law.  They, in turn, will not; they cannot; and they do not; because such instruments do not exist.  And this is the FACT.  They (the Attorneys or other Officers of the Court) may show you (under the rule of Discovery) a “Bar Association Membership Card” which they also are loath to do.  However that instrument is not a license, and is far from an alleged license.  Such instruments are private club—member, dues paying, agreements, which have nothing to do with Constitutional Obligations (Articles III and VI) and are merely membership cards issued by private corporate interests, and officers of the Barristers Association — a private and exclusive club.

The following Affidavits / Writs are for Ticket Dismissals and present Law - Supports for Dismissal.  The Natural Person is advised to submit the Affidavits / Writs to the Prosecutor and other court officers prior to the court date.  In fact, most of the time, send your Writs in by Certified Mail within 3 days after you receive the municipality's instruments. With proper correspondence, you will, sometimes, receive a favorable reply, and won't have to come into the non- Article III court room.  If you are in a situation wherein you bring Writs with you, be sure to serve a copy to the Clerk for filing with the case.  Some clerks may try to tell you that they cannot receive your Writs, however, it is a violation of the Clerk's fudiciary duties to deny the Writs of Evidence related to the case.  Be sure to have the Ticket / Summons / Suit number(s) listed at the top of your Writs / Affidavits, listing them and all other documented entries with numbers, such as, Exhibit 1; Exhibit 2; Exhibit 3, etc., etc. Remember, your Exhibits / Writs / Affidavits are instruments of Facts and when marked as Exhibits it makes them a part of the "case", and the officers of the court are obliged to receive them, otherwise they are tampering with evidence. 

The reason they don't want to receive it, is because they are in fact obligated, and they would be responsible, and would be compelled by law to respond.  If you don't submit it, you would be irresponsible.  It is important to submit paperwork, as it becomes your exhibits, and is your paper trail (whether they accept, or act on it or not).  The paper trail is necessray, copying it to at least 3 different Persons / Corporations / Agencies.  In particular, the Clerk, the Judge of the said city / municipality / township, and a copy to the State Attorney General's Office, as well as the State Secretary, as a minimum of three AND the Governor's OFfice, particularly when dealing with so-named higher Courts such as Federal.  This notifies other departments and makes it difficult for all of them to ignore their fiduciary duties, and it sets up your paper trial for when you suit them, otherwise you have no proof of their violations, or of your actions.  If you put them on file at the court, make sure they stamp your copy "received" with a date. 

Ticket Dismissal

Supreme Court Cases: Traffic & Ministerial Judges