Circumcision Info

Well you must understand that, circumcision damages the nerves of the penis to the point, that the penis will curve to the right or left, if it is not done carefully with caution. Not done properly, they lose about the size as in length, of a dollar bill in sensitive nerves, which will affect the future sexual experiences of the circumcised male. They do everything to make being uncircumcised seem so bad, but yet fail to inform the public, that uncircumcised males receive more pleasure from sex than circumcised males, primarily because uncircumcised males have all of their nerves in tact on their penis. Plus in the sex act, their penis slides in and out of the shaft of the foreskin, thus creating immense physical sexual pleasure. Uncircumcised males don't have to stroke as much as circumcised males do in order to gain physical vaginal induced pleasure, as where circumcised males require much stroking of the vagina for physical pleasure.

Circumcised males are almost 100% dependent on the female's vagina to receive sexual pleasure, as where uncircumcised males experience more pleasure during sex, because they have their sensitive nerves in the foreskin of their penis still in tact. What they don't tell you is that, the foreskin doctors cut away secretes a subtle butter that is the male equivalent of the female nectar released from the vagina, that when consumed by males from performing oral stimulation on the clitoris, opens up the pituitary and pineal glands and causes a male to be more intuitive and in tune with his higher conscious which lay dormant.

Also, the subtle butter released from the foreskin of the uncircumcised male penis, is the male version of the vaginal nectar that is consumed when a female performs oral stimulation on his penis. The butter when consumed, helps a female to become more in tune with her intuition but also to become more in tune with her essence as well as her higher conscious.
As where circumcised males, lost their ability to secrete their subtle butter like secretion when they lost their foreskin. On the erect penis, the head flares out from the shaft like a barb or hook, in which on a circumcised penis, this hook is overly firm and constantly exposed and on every outward stroke, it scrapes vaginal walls, causing irritation, redness, discomfort and even pain. On the circumcised penis, the flared-out Coronal Ridge Hook is constantly exposed, and on every outward stroke, it draws lubricating fluids out of the vagina, which is one of the reasons why, as circumcised sex progresses, vaginal lubrication tends to dry up. On the natural penis, the loose, pliable foreskin bunches up on the outward stroke to create a seal that holds fluids in, which is why during natural sex, lubrication stays inside the vagina.

When thrusting, the circumcised penis typically uses an Elongated Stroke, whereby, on the out stroke, the penis withdraws far outside the vagina. Why is this not good you might wonder, well because doing so exposes vaginal lubrication on the penis to the open air where it evaporates. Consequently, as circumcised sex progresses, vaginal lubrication tends to dry up, contributing to friction irritation and vaginal soreness. Its use of an Elongated Thrusting Stroke is also one of the reasons why the circumcised penis typically "bangs and pounds" during intercourse, as where Natural penis typically uses a short thrusting stroke, while residing deep within the vagina. Use of a short thrusting stroke exposes less shaft skin to the open air, so evaporation is minimized. Minimal evaporation, plus the bunching action of the foreskin that seals in vaginal lubrication, means that during natural sex, natural lubrication stays inside the vagina. What you have to understand is that, removal of the foreskin dramatically alters the penis's structure and modifies where it derives pleasure. On the natural penis, nature intended for sexual excitation to take place primarily in the upper penis.

But cutting away tissue from the upper penis (circumcision) devastates the upper penis pleasure zones. Gone are the thousands of pleasure receptors of the inner foreskin and its ridged band. Gone are most or all of the thousands of super- erogenous nerves of the frenulum. Gone, especially, is the foreskin's gliding action, that alternately uncovers and covers the upper penis nerves, giving them time to rest & recharge so they'll fire off very strong feelings of pleasure. Rest and Recharge of nerves is very important to sexual excitation. On the Circumcised Penis during intercourse, instead of a rest period, the nerves of its upper penis get continuous direct stimulation. Insufficient rest & recharge time causes them to poop out, so the pleasure sensations they fire off are greatly reduced in both quantity and intensity. Essentially, during intercourse, the upper area of the circumcised penis, which already suffers from a dramatic reduction in sensitivity due to the removal of 10,000-20,000 erogenous nerves, becomes further desensitized due to over-stimulation by constant frictional rubbing.

The circumcised penis finds it can make up for this loss in upper penis pleasure by stimulating its middle & lower area (by pressing the entire penis shaft against the vaginal opening). To stimulate this longer area, the circumcised penis uses an elongated stroke. And HERE IS THE KEY POINT: Withdrawing the penis far outside the vagina on the out stroke heightens its pleasure because it allows the middle & lower penis nerves to get a LONGER PERIOD OF REST & RECHARGE so on subsequent thrusts they fire off strong pleasurable feelings. In adult videos, it's common to see circumcised men withdraw the penis far outside the vagina, then PAUSE, before thrusting back in again. Pausing allows nerves time to rest & recharge to heighten sexual feeling. But this pausing further reduces the woman's pleasure because it sets up a discordant rhythm. The concept that the circumcised penis requires an elongated stroke is easily proven by a simple test:

Women, if your circumcised partner continually thrusts with an elongated stroke, ask him to try to refrain from using it, and instead, use a short thrusting stroke. He may be able to do this for a little while, but soon, he lapses back into an elongated stroke to derive pleasure and keep his erection. However, his use of an elongated stroke considerably lessens the woman's pleasure because...she needs shorter thrusting strokes so his pubic mound will make frequent rhythmic contact with her clitoris. And she needs this contact at a consistent rhythmic tempo to reach orgasm. The erect circumcised penis has little or no slack shaft skin. During intercourse, the constant rubbing of the tight penis skin against the vagina's delicate interior creates friction burn soreness. The circumcised penis's non-moveable shaft skin abrades and chafes the vagina. Upon erection, the foreskin is trans-erred to the penis shaft to become part of the total shaft skin system, resulting in a loose, moveable shaft skin that provides a gentle gliding mechanism that minimizes friction to the vagina.

Glide in and Glide out, is smooth, tender, loving strokes that gently caress the vaginal walls and opening, as where circumcised penis head & shaft are abnormally hard when erect because too much swollen tissue is packed into too small a packaging of skin. What most people don't know is that, circumcision removes 1/3 to 1/2 of the penis's shaft skin, which is why upon erection, the shaft skin is forced to stretch tightly thin in order to accommodate the fullness of the erection. For example its like blowing up a balloon, as more air is forced in, the balloon gets stretched thinner & thinner, and becomes tighter and firmer. The tight skin overly firm circumcised penis feels to the woman like a "broomstick," quite different from the cushiony shaft & head of the natural penis. The "extra" shaft skin the foreskin provides, gives a thin, spongy cushioning to the erect natural penis shaft (like it's covered in velvet), and because the shaft has ample skin to accommodate its erection, it does not bear down and compress the shaft's tissue, nor is the penis head puled down and compacted.

The natural penis head has a spongier give to it that allows it to yield and flex during thrust-ing, in which this provides a superior sensuousness that makes the natural penis head feel like it's making love to the vagina, rather than poking it. Gentler entry, gentler thrusting, gentler movements altogether, a more sensuous overall experience because natural sex is relaxing; much less physical exertion is required; much less stressful tension is created. There are many reasons why the presence of a foreskin causes the woman to perceive natural intercourse as a gentler, love-making experience, because the foreskin is delicate tissue, and it abounds with specialized nerve endings that are equivalent in sensitivity to the lips. Thus, it favors gentler intercourse movements, and the frenulum on the natural penis curbs hard, forceful, pounding thrusts, and the natural penis derives its pleasure primarily from the upper penis.

Upper penis pleasure nerves are so exquisitely sensitive, they only need easy motions to excite them, and because the upper penis area generates such a high level of pleasure, the natural penis doesn't need to bear down hard on its thrusts, nor bang its base area against the vaginal opening to elicit pleasure, the way the circumcised penis does. Also, the natural penis upper area nerves derive high levels of pleasure on both the inward thrust & the outward stroke, so the natural penis doesn't have to travel very far, back and forth in the vagina, to maintain a consistent flow of pleasurable sensations to the brain. Removal of the foreskin causes the circumcised penis to thrust with an unnatural, elongated stroke, whereby, on the out stroke, the penis withdraws far outside the vagina. Understand that these elongated thrusting strokes cause the man’s pubic mound to make infrequent contact with the woman’s clitoral area (which is her primary erotic zone), thereby, impeding and even preventing her from achieving vaginal orgasm (an orgasm induced solely by genital and pelvic movements, without any clitoris stimulation by the hand.)

During circumcised sex, a woman is much less likely to achieve vaginal orgasm, as many studies have shown, that women are almost 5 times less likely to achieve vaginal orgasm when the man had a circumcised penis. The female clitoris is highly erogenous tissue that is overly sensitive to direct touch, which instead, it prefers indirect, on and off (rhythmic) pressuring, rather than direct rubbing, to excite it to orgasm. There is an "ideal" rate of rhythmic pressuring contact to the clitoris that excites it to orgasm, as where the natural penis's thrusting movements regulated, for the most part, by the foreskin contact the clitoris at this ideal rhythmic rate, but the circumcised penis does not. The circumcised penis has no foreskin, so it typically thrusts using an abnormal, elongated stroke that pulls the penis far outside the vagina, in which this long-distance stroke causes the man's pubic mound to contact the woman's clitoral mound less often. Consequently, the circumcised man's pubic mound doesn't make pressuring contact against the woman's clitoral region often enough to excite her clitoris to orgasm, which is not good.

The disappointment of not achieving vaginal orgasm is the second most common complaint sex therapists hear from their female clients (just behind a general loss of interest in sex). During circumcised sex, the pace and the woman's ascent to orgasm is frequently broken because the circumcised penis thrusts with an unnatural, elongated stroke and an inconsistent, irregular rhythm, which put the man’s and woman’s movements out of sync with one another. A man’s failure to maintain a consistent and acceptable rhythm is one of the chief causes of a woman’s failure to climax, cause a consistent rhythm is critical, cause if the pace is broken, so is the ascent to orgasm. Circumcised penis thrusts at the wrong rhythm, at an inconsistent rhythm, and the women suffer the disappointment, displeasure, and degradation of incomplete, unrewarding intercourse.

Many people after sex talk about feeling sleepy, in which sleepiness is just a “side effect” associated with a more evolutionarily important reason for the release of oxytocin and vasopressin. In addition to being associated with sleep, both chemicals are also intimately involved in what is called “pair bonding,” the social attachment human mates commonly share, in which the release of these brain chemicals during lovemaking and orgasm heightens feelings of bonding, love and trust between sexual partners, which may partially explain the link between sex and emotional attachment. This bond is favorable should the couple have a baby, as cooperative child rearing maximizes the young one’s chances for survival. Science has shown us that many of the forms in which we human beings love are holistic, in the sense that hormones are involved and that the same patterns of behavior repeat themselves when people make love or when a woman gives birth or nurses an infant, in which during these three moments, the body produces the hormone oxytocin.

Oxytocin is produced by a primitive structure in the brain called the hypothalamus, from which it passes to the lower part of the pituitary, to be released into the blood stream under certain conditions. Babies in the womb trigger the production of the hormone prior to birth, and not only does oxytocin augment the maternal instinct, it also plays an important role in sexual excitation of both men and women. During the male orgasm, the production of oxytocin helps produce contractions of the prostrate and seminal glands, and during the female orgasm the immediate effect of oxytocin are uterine contractions that transport the sperm to the ova. Endorphin is another hormone that acts as an analgesic and also produces a sense of pleasure. The production of endorphin is very high during natural births and also when partners make love in an ambience of trust and security, in which Endorphin produces a drugged, mutually-dependent state in the couple.

Some people fail to realize that, the sex act is designed by nature to create love between the couple, as where nature intended it to bond the couple together (love bond) so they will stay together and rear the child during its dependent years, in which the human child has the longest period of dependency of all living creatures. In effect, then, the sex organs are actually the generators of love because they create feelings of love in the brain. However, because the circumcised penis is an unnatural sex organ, it astoundingly abnormalizes the sex act, which, in turn, abnormalizes the feelings of love for one's sex partner. This how come over time, the relationship will become deficient in sexual love, as the frustration, discomfort, and shortcomings of circumcised sex drive a wedge through the heart of the relationship, and without sexual love in the marriage, the couple might just as well be roommates like some people I know and you might know.

The dissatisfactions of incomplete, unrewarding circumcised sex decrease the woman's desire for sexual intimacy, so gradually the couple has sex less and less often, further decreasing the love bond between them, because infrequent sex has a detrimental effect on the love bond. The partners of a circumcised relationship enter marriage with the enthusiastic optimism of youth, thinking that everything will be a bed of roses, but sadly, the bed of roses has a thorn the coronal ridge hook. In the United States, 1 out of 2 marriages ends in divorce, and it is a fact that the United States divorce rate is double that of European countries where men are not usually circumcised. It is the sexual chemistry between two people that puts the frosting on the cake of love. While it’s true that many non-sexual factors contribute to a couple’s attraction to one another, the importance of sexual compatibility and fulfillment should not be minimized, for this is where our hearts are truly filled with a special kind of joy, and without sexual fulfillment, there is a certain void in the pages of our lives.

When a man and woman become fond of one another, they will naturally want to become sexually intimate, and when this happens, intercourse brings the relationship to a higher level of meaningfulness. The ecstasy of delicious natural sex is the foundation upon which an intimate couple builds a mutual sexual admiration for each other, and the wonderful sex they experience promotes the development of deep biochemical “love roots,” from which blossoms a mutual love bond that may, in many instances, last a lifetime, but when vital sexual tissue is stripped from the penis, causing it to feel and function completely abnormally, this can cause the sex act to lose its magical appeal especially for the woman. Natural lovemaking is completely different from circumcised sex, as where it's a gentler intermingling, a tender blending an enrapturement oozing with sensuousness, with both partners swooning in ecstatic surrender to the passionate, graceful dance of the sex organs. These feelings create feelings of love for your partner, such a love that is strengthened with each sexual encounter.

With natural lovemaking, the vagina totally surrenders to the soft sensuousness of lingering ecstasy, as it hungrily caresses and lovingly responds to the erotic movements of the softly-stiff penis, and the penis adores and gently strokes the vagina in return. Like two halves of a perfect whole, each organ swoons and sighs to a passionate sexual connectedness the way it was meant to be before religious dogma. How so, well with no holding back, lost in voluptuous abandon, you TOTALLY want it, you TOTALLY need it, and you TOTALLY love it, and the wonderful sex the couple experiences promotes the development of deep "love roots" within the brain, from which blossoms a mutual love bond that grows stronger with time. Circumcised sex can actually deteriorate the relationship, cause during circumcised sex, the woman's sex organ does not experience the true feelings that nature intended, and instead of the loving sensuousness and pure pleasure of natural intercourse, circumcised sex can subject the woman to various degrees of discomfort and displeasure, often accompanied by frustration, incompleteness, and disappointment.

This becomes increasingly apparent as the woman ages (and the more she has sex with the circumcised man). But the problem can begin as early as the twenties or thirties. Unsatisfactory sex affects the woman on a primal level, causing her to feel various degrees of resentment toward her partner, whether she consciously realizes it or not, she becomes subconsciously annoyed, frustrated, and even angered. This can affect the relationship far beyond the bedroom door, and she may begin taking out her dissatisfactions by belittling the man, nagging him about his faults, or by being twichy and argumentative toward him, and petty arguments can snowball into heated arguments. This can gradually erode the relationship and eventually set the stage for divorce, and in America, half of all marriages end in divorce, in which this is double the rate of European countries where most men are not circumcised. When women report symptoms such as lack of desire, arousal difficulties, inability to climax, pain during intercourse, not finding sex pleasurable, they're also much more likely to report being unhappy and being physically or emotionally dissatisfied with the relationship that they're in. To further discuss more, inbox me or email at, and I will give you my direct contact number, shalom.