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Welcome to Macquirelatory.com, home of The Way of Truth Assembly, and Candace's Health Care Center. This site is brought to you in part by, Macquirelatory Promotions, which is the Past, the Present, and the future of Online Marketing, and Entertainment, and Enlightenment. Here, we strive to bring forth the truth, on a variety of different subjects, and we provide you with knowledge, on various essentials of life, to help you access your enormous potential of comprehending the essence of yourselves and the universe, beyond the limits of science, religion, and your physical perceptions. It is our mission to help uplift fallen humanity, by way of bringing enlightening energetic information that accelerates human consciousness, but let there be no misunderstanding on the nature of this duty, we are not appointed to build up a powerful organization or church, with great wealth, imposing buildings, and hundreds of thousands of dues with paying members.

We do not force any information contained within any web site affiliated with Macquirelatory Promotions, upon unwilling eyes and ears. It is our duty to speak the truth and spread the truth on various subjects and essentials of life, which may bring upgrades to your current belief systems, collective consciousness, and true history that has been kept masked and hidden from the general public. We can assure you that, a good majority of what you have learned since childhood up until now and assumed to be true, which has helped you comfortably form the conclusions you have about science, psychology, education, law, religion, your existence, life and death, has been based on incomplete information. After visiting one of the affiliated sites, we hope all that changes for you as you begin to see with the eyes of the Spirit, and grow in the perception of the Knowledge of the Spirit, which shall give you answers from within and above if your willing to receive. Once again, thank you for visiting Macquirelatory.com, have a blessed day.





Light Beings in their full maturity stage of purpose, on earth to carry out their specific operations upon this physical plane utilizing their gifts.

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Virtuous helpmeets of the Primes, of a sober mind and body dedicated to bringing light that counters the world's secular sound.

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